Dental Cases

Here are some of the many cases that Dr.DeVitre and his team have tackled


Teeth Straightening and Closing of Open Bite Using Aligner Therapy


Bridges and Crowns


Trauma-Induced Need for Dental Implants







Immediate Implant Placement

Here is the start of a cast of immediate implant placement. A fractured tooth with bone graft. The tooth is extracted leaving the socket intact. The implant is placed and a membrane non-resorable is used to protect the socket and implant. Final crown delivered in 2-3 months.

Esthetic crowns on erosive enamel of teeth

On left is pre opt erosion of anterior teeth 1990 case restored with all-ceramic crowns. The right image is a follow-up 15 years later. Still in excellent condition with no complications.  

Implant Images

Radiographic images of first pre-opt, second extraction, and initial access into the socket. A third implant placed with graft and fourth implant/crown. One stage completed in 6 months.

Sensitive Content Cases

These cases below contain sensitive images that can shock and upset people. Please be advised before continuing.

A complex case of worn teeth with severe bruxism (clenching and grinding) with was grossly destroying the teeth during day and night. Notice the loss of enamel and the wear of the teeth down to their core (dentin). The goal of our treatment: Render comfort in function and aesthetic improvement.

Implant placed where there was severe buccal bone loss and restoration. If done conventionally, the look of the implant would not be aesthetically pleasing, but we found a beautiful solution.